True Instinct

Highest Concentration of Sexual Pheromones

True Instinct

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A pheromone oil that consists of a high concentration of Androstenone, thought by many to be the most powerful and sexual male pheromone. The makers claim that True Instinct contains the highest concentration of Androstenone of any male pheromone product on the market today.

The actual amount of androstenone contained in the spray is 8,500 mcg or 30.4mcg/drop. The bottle should contain up to 280 drops of the minimum recommended dosage for an effect (30 mcg).

Androstenone is a pheromone in boars and is found in urine and axillary sweat in humans, resulting it being considered as the primary candidate for a male sexual pheromone in humans.

Reasons To Buy True Instinct Male Pheromone

  • Claimed to have highest concentration of androsterone
  • Androsterone considered likely most powerful male sexual pheromone
  • Each bottle contains up to 280 uses effective for 8-10 hours
  • Can add copulins at checkout
  • Can be bought as a solution or as a spray

Final Verdict On True Instinct – Scam Or Not?

A high concentration of the molecule identified as being the most likely male sexual pheromone in humans, this is also easy to customize with copulins and in a spray form.

Final Verdict : Every man interested in pheromones should try androsterone 4/5

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