The Gilroy Pheromone Patch

Powerful Pheromones Activated By Body Heat

The Gilroy Pheromone Patch Priced at $7 from True Pheromones

A unique ‘pheromone patch’ that is actually attached to the neck or shirt collar, and is activated by the body heat of the wearer. Why? You may well ask. Apparently it makes the pheromone effect last longer. The makers claim it can be worn for an entire day with full effect.

The idea for the patch was inspired by the Steven Spielberg movie Ocean 13 in which one of the lead male characters wears something similar.

Sellers state that it includes ‘two popular and effective pheromones’ but the pheromones are not listed in the ingredients or on the product page.

Reasons To Buy The Gilroy Male Pheromone

  • An innovative attempt to make pheromones last all day
  • Each pack contains 6 sheets for just $7
  • Contain two popular (but unstated) male pheromones
  • Can be added with copulins for increased self-confidence

Final Verdict On The Gilmor – Scam Or Not?

It’s an interesting idea, and at only $7 for 6 goes, might be worth a try. Unfortunately, I’m always a bit sceptical of pheromone products that do not clearly list which pheromones they are claimed to include.

Final Verdict : A cheap and interesting product, but not a safe bet. 2/5

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