Rebel for Him Pheromone Cologne

Pheromone Cologne For Men Containing AndrosteNOL

Rebel For Him Male Pheromone Cologne Priced at $14 from Love Scent

A masculine musk scented pheromone cologne powered with AndrosteNOL – the powerful male pheromone with scientific studies and countless anecdotal reports of elevating mood and decreasing anxiety and stress, as well as proven to effect the responses of women during ovulation.

A powerful stand-alone product that can be worn on the wrists, behind the ears, or on the throat.

The effects of AndrosteNOL make this a pheromone product that can be worn in multiple situations, from romantic evenings with a partner or date, on a night out to the club, or in the workroom or even in the gym.

The product comes in a 5 ml roll on bottle, and is produced by the company Eye of Love, available at the cheapest price from the number one pheromone reseller online – Love Scent.

Reasons To Buy Rebel For Him Male Pheromone

  • Contains the proven masculinity booster AndrosteNOL
  • A powerful and versatile product in a simple roll-on cologne
  • Masculinity is further enhanced by the musk cologne scent
  • Great value for money at $14 for a 5 ml bottle
  • One of the best rated customer products at Love Scent

Final Verdict On Rebel For Him – Scam Or Not?

A good value for money product containing one of the most proven of male pheromones, a product that will increase masculine appeal and confidence, in a convenient stand-alone musk scented roll-on bottle. 4/5

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