Holy Grail

Most Potent Attraction Spray In The World

Holy Grail Priced at $47 from Hax Pheromones

Is there a holy grail pheromone spray for men chasing tail? The makers of this product claim that this is the on. It certainly has a more than impressive ingredient list. Packed with no less than nine different male sexual pheromones, is is also mixed with DHEA, oxytocin, and copulins which combine not only to turn women’s heads but to give you greater feelings of self-confidence and Alpha Maleness.

Reasons To Buy Holy Grail Male Pheromone

  • More scientifically backed ingredients than any other spray
  • Great value at under $50 for 49.9 mg bottle
  • Powerful effect is claimed to last for 8 hours
  • Also contains oxytocin, DHEA and copulins
  • Perhaps the best pheromone product on the market in 2020

Final Verdict On Holy Grail – Scam Or Not?

No scam here. Holy Grail is as real and as potent as it gets in terms of pheromone sprays for men. Nine male pheromones plus several other carefully selected chemicals proven to raise male self-esteem.

Final Verdict : Most potent list of ingredients in a single pehromone spray for men 5/5

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