True Sexiness

Best Selling Female Pheromone For Sex Appeal

True Sexiness Pheromone For Women Priced at $79 from True Pheromones

One of the most popular female sex pheromone sprays, True Sexiness has been used by thousands of satisfied women around the world for years. Designed to turn on men and make them more receptive to your sexual interest, it’s a powerful combination of two pheromones – Estratetraenol and Copulin. In a paper published by Scientific American in 2014, it was reported that estratetraenol had been found to raise sexual arousal in men. Copulin, meanwhile, is a chemical secreted by a woman’s vagina that has also been found to have an effect on men, including raising their feelings of self-esteem!

Reasons To Buy True Sexiness Female Pheromone

  • Combines two pheromones – Estratetraenol and Copulin
  • Available unscented or with vanilla scent
  • Powerful effect claimed to last for 8 – 10 hours
  • One year money back guarantee!

Final Verdict On True Sexiness – Scam Or Not?

True Sexiness is probably the most scientifically backed pheromone spray for women on the market today. It also comes from one of the most reputable pheromone stores online.

Final Verdict : Best pure pheromone spray for women 5/5

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