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Pure and Concentrated Female Copulins

love-scent-copulin-concentrate Priced at $29 from Love Scent

A highly concentrated solution of the most widely tested and scientific backed female pheromone product – copulins. These fatty acids are secreted by the vagina after being produced in the female reproductive tract. They are found in humans and other animals, and are secreted by the female in their most concentrated form when she is most fertile. They have been widely studied and considered to be the most certain candidate for a female pheromone, or for that matter, for any human pheromone.

A study in 2016 found that they exerted a powerful effect on male sexual behavior. In particular, the researchers demonstrated that copulins made the male participants in the experiment rate their own sexual desirability much more highly after sniffing copulins as compared to the control group who only smelt a placebo.

What this suggests is that wearing copulin concentrate, mixed in with your favorite perfume, will make men more likely to have the confidence and impulse to talk to you and to take the lead in a dating or romantic situation.

Reasons To Buy Copulin Concentrate Female Pheromone

  • Unadulterated pure copulins, most powerful female pheromone
  • Copulins have been shown to influence male sexual behaviour
  • Men will be more flirty and willing to break the ice
  • Add required amount to your favorite scent
  • Great value at only $29.95 a bottle

Final Verdict On Love Scent Copulin Concentrate – Scam Or Not?

Unlikely to be a scam. Copulins are the most widely studied female pheromone and have both theory and study to back them up as powerful influences of male sexual behavior. Another reason a copulin concentrate product is a safe bet is that copulins have a strong and distinctive smell, so it’s very difficult for a company to produce a fake copulin product, especially a copulin concentrate

Final Verdict : A good value for money copulin concentrate 4/5

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